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The art of making SEO sound human

5 Reasons Why UV-C Beats Chemical Disinfection

Why UV-C is a smart alternative to traditional cleaning products

Make the move to eco-friendly disinfection free from harsh chemicals.

You may have grown to love the apparent ease of disinfecting wipes or the fragrance of a favorite cleaning spray, but these products might not be the BFFs you think they are. Many household cleaners are filled with harmful chemicals. In fact, the more effective the product, the more potentially dangerous the ingredients.

Prefer more natural cleaners? While lig

6 Tips to Help You Tackle Your Winter Cleaning

Deep clean before you deck the halls.

We all know spring cleaning is a thing (whether we like doing it or not), but did you know winter cleaning is just as important?

Winter brings holiday celebrations and flu season. With the questionable weather outside and more time indoors, there’s no better time to deep clean your home, from disinfecting faucets to replacing furnace filters. Here are seven tips to help you tackle your winter cleaning.

Tip no. 1: Help out your HVAC

The EPA recommends rep

5 Tips for Smart Travel This Winter

Baby, it’s all kinds of weather outside.

Cold, hot, or humid—it all depends on your winter travel destination. With vaccine numbers and Covid counts on the rise, traveling this winter may look the same as last year (staycation, anyone?) or extremely different (white-sand beaches, here I come!).

Whether you’re living it up locally or heading out of state, we have a list of five tips and tricks for making the most of your vacation.

Tip no. 1: Have a plan B, C, or maybe even D

Even when you pla

Making sense of scents: Do essential oils really work?

You love how your temples tingle when you wash your hair with Lavender Mint Daily shampoo and the minty freshness after brushing your teeth. Remember that cooling sensation? It’s the constituents in Peppermint telling your body it’s cold no matter the temp outside. And when we say constituents, we’re not talking politics—more on that later. If you love essential oils and aren’t afraid to let the world know, chances are friends have asked questions like “Are essential oils a hoax?” and “Do essent

10 biggest essential oil mistakes

From cleaning to cooking, sleeping to sports, essential oils have the power to improve whole-life wellness. The best way to access the benefits in those little amber bottles? Use essential oils correctly. Even the most experienced oil aficionado can use the occasional EO refresher. And while this list of 10 essential oil mistakes isn’t carved in stone, consider it solid advice. Not all essential oils are created the same—quality and purity varies greatly among companies. If you want to ensure yo

An essential oil user’s guide to aromatherapy

Have you ever smelled fresh-baked bread, caught a whiff of perfume as someone walked by, or sniffed the scent of fresh flowers and found yourself instantly transported to a different time or place? Aromas are powerful—they can transport us to different places, remind us of people, and trigger memories that were long forgotten. And through the practice of aromatherapy, scents can also support whole-life wellness. Whether you use essential oils just before bedtime, bathtime, or anytime you need a

100 years of diffuser blends: A blend for each decade

From jazz-loving flappers to insta-sharing millennials, we’ve brought together the trends that define the last 10 decades and turned them into history book-worthy diffuser blends. As we get ready to kick off another decade, join us as we take an aromatic trip down memory lane. Revel in the Roaring Twenties or reminisce about the totally radical 80s with our diffuser blends for every decade.

The Cold War may have been in full swing, but so were the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’s hips. Russia took a bac

Cheat sheet: A guide to essential oils and their best uses

Did you know Young Living has over 270 essential oils and blends? We have oils that improve the appearance of healthy-looking skin and blends you can diffuse to remind you of home. There’s even an entire line of dietary essential oils for infusing flavor into your favorite recipes and supporting overall wellness.

With so many oils to discover, it can be difficult remembering which oils do what. Say hello to our essential oils cheat sheet and goodbye to confusing PanAway® with Purification®. Our

31 YL products you need to try (if you haven’t already)

1. Oil Bottle Holder Set: The convenience is in the details with this top-notch oil holder. Available in teal, green, or purple, the silicone holder carries your favorite essential oil in its own cute pouch. But wait, it gets better. This staple features a lobster claw attachment and keychain for holding essential oil bottles for easy access. Add this handy accessory to your keys or lanyard for on-the-go oil application. 2. Oil bottle labels: We’re not exaggerating when we say these labels are t

Celebrate the 12 days of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: twelve reasons for the season From delicious cider to decked-out snowmen, there are dozens of reasons to fall in love with the holiday season. Here are 12 of our favorites:
• Indulging in turkey with all the trimmings Our twelfth day of Christmas could be your new holiday tradition! Fill your home with the warm, comforting aroma of Abundance™, grab pen and paper, and gather the family. Ask everyone to write down 12 reasons to love the sea

Young Living press release: Sarah Bjorgaard

U.S. Market Poised for Exponential Growth Under Direction of New General Manager

Lehi, Utah – April 16, 2019 –Young Living Essential Oils, the world leader in essential oils, announced the promotion of Sarah Bjorgaard as General Manager, U.S. Market. In her new role, Sarah will lead all sales, marketing, and operations efforts for the U.S. market. “Since joining the company, Sarah has made a marked impact with Young Living’s entire portfolio of beauty and personal care products, including our S